The Invaluable Gift

Do you ever look at your babies and get amazed? I mean really amazed. I look at my oldest whom is my twin, and often feel like I am watching myself grow up. I look at my second son and he is my husband’s twin. I feel like I am lucky to watch my husband grow and I can love my husband infinitely more. They give us the gift of living on. If you think about it, they give us the chance to mold ourselves for the better.

We get to teach them things we have learned along the way and of course, do much more for them than our parents could for us. I do not mean that in a spiteful way. I mean, chances are we make better livings and we are able to show them more through travel and education. My children are 4,3, and 4 months and they have already done so much more than I had at their ages.

I am in awe at watching them grow. It is enlightening to see the vision of things through their eyes and then to see an oh so familiar expression on their faces. I catch myself wondering if this is what my mother-in-law felt when she watched my husband sprout. It is a unbelievable feeling that I know I could not ever describe to any one, but I know that any parent out there gets it. Oh, what a gift!



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