The Gift of a Lifetime


There is some thing to be said about the tiny moments we get to spend with our loved ones. My oldest is only four, but I have already notice the time passing by. I watch him grow and as he grows, he gains more independence…from me. It is bittersweet to the core. Yet, it is still enlightening to see the phases and changes of a child.

With each baby I have come to appreciate knowing that their little hand grasping my finger will not be so little some day. I try as best as I can to make time with each of them, just the two of us. I want them to remember later on that “mom use to cuddle with me…when I let her”. It brightens my heart when they holler for kisses and hugs before I walk out of the door. One day, those sloppy pooched out lips might get too embarrassed for my cheek.

So, for now, another year has gone by, and my little men of mine are having birthdays. While they bask in the glory of cake, candles, presents, gifts, and let’s not forget the attention! –I will be remembering the days they were born and the best feeling in the world, love at first site. –The wonderful feeling that keeps growing and that, to me, is the best birthday gift…ever.


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