Get Ready Set, Spring!

Do you ever feel like your calendar consumes you? I have, we have, been so busy lately with events and unplanned things that finding time for just ourselves seems out of view sometimes. I cannot even blame the kids and say it is their friends with all the birthday parties. It is actually our friends and family with the weddings, babies, and birthdays. I enjoy these things for the most part, but I also cannot wait for a break!

Just May alone has some thing planned every weekend. We have a private mini-vacation, just the husband and I, the first weekend of June and we cannot wait! We are so excited, as this is our first vacation alone in some years, and we need the break from every day life. I am fearful that this summer will run past me while I am busy attending all of these events. Yet, I am grateful there is so much to celebrate this year.

I am really starting to get a new meaning for the word “home”. It just takes on a whole new shape when it becomes your absolute sanctuary. As beautiful as the weather gets on some days, these are the days I am more than happy to have a few windows open and just relax indoors with my family. It seems like the winter lull kept us indoors and now the spring freshness has us running the streets. Funny how that works! We crave for better weather and to be able to stay outside, but when it gets here sometimes we need a break from that too! However, this is only the beginning of a wonderful season. It has started off with a bang for my family, and I hope it ends just as well for mine and yours. Image